Balkan Capitals

Day 1

Town of Zagreb

Zagreb is the largest city and capitol of Croatia. It is located along the river Sava and It is  an attractive tourist destination, not only in Croatia, but considering the whole region of southeastern Europe. There are many interesting sights, many museums, musical, sport events and happenings for tourists to attend in Zagreb.

On the way to Sarajevo we will stop at Plitvice lakes. 

Continuing to Sarajevo. 

Overnight at Sarajevo.

Day 2

Town of Sarajevo

Sarajevo the capitol of Bosnia and Hercegovina– Because of the long and rich history, religious and cultural diversity the city of Sarajevo very offen is called Jerusalem of Europe. Sarajevo is one of the cities with various architectural styles and interesting artistic influences. 

There is also a UNESCO tentative monument, the Old Jewish Cemetery, almost 500 years old site that is the second-largest Jewish sepulchral complex in Europa.

After the Sarajevo sightseeing we are going to the Mostar city. Here we will see the old town.

Continuing to the famous church Velika gospa in the small city Medzugorje.

Day 3

Town of Dubrovnik

One of the most attractive cities on the Adriatic cost. We will visit the old town.

Overnight in Dubrovnik.

Day 4

Town of Podgorica

Podgorica  is the capital of Montenegro The city is dating from the Roman time. Today it is also  known as Titograd.

We will see  Podgorica panoramic view, Republic Square, Dajbabska Gora TowerMontenegrin National Theatre building, Telenor Centre, Moscow and Millennium bridges.

Continuing to Kotor. Here we will take fresh air. 

Overnight in Kotor.

Day 5

Town of Tirana

Tirana - capital city of the Republic of Albania.

Tirana is home to a mixture of architectural styles reflecting the influential periods in its history.

In Tirana we will see The Skanderbeg SquareKapllan Pasha TombGrand Mosque, Ministry of Finance, Grand ParkPetrelë CastleResurrection Orthodox Cathedral and Toptani .

Overnight in Tirana.

Day 6

Town of Meteora

Early in the morning we are going to the famous Meteora. They are impressive high rocks located near the city Kalabaka. Here we will see six monasteries built on immense natural pillars.They are listed at UNESCO World Heritage.

Overnight in Kalabaka

Day 7

Town of Athens

Athens dominates the Attica region and is one of the world's oldest cities, with its recorded history spanning over 3,400 years and its earliest human presence started somewhere between the 11th and 7th millennium BC. 

Athens is home to two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Acropolis of Athens and the medieval Daphni Monastery

Overnight in Atina.

Day 8

Town of Thesaloniki

Thessaloniki (also known as Salonica) is the second largest city in Greece. It have cosmopolitan culture, friendly ambience and charm of a smaller town.  We will visit the Roman Rotunda (Saint George's Church), The White Tower: Relic of the Byzantine-Era Ramparts, Church of Saint Demetrius, Arch of Galerius, Archaeology Museum, Ano Poli (Upper Town), Byzantine Walls (Ancient Ramparts), Church of the Holy Apostles, Church of Saint Sophia, Museum of the Macedonian Struggle,

---Arheological city Pela  - The town of Pella is the largest in this region, We will see the Archeological Museum of Pella which is located on the site of the ancient city Pella.

Day 9

Town of Ohrid

Sightseeing of the ancient city Ohrid (Lihnidos), a Macedonian city of Jerusalem UNESCO with 365 churches and monasteries. Old town, St. Sophia, gallery icons, house Robev , the ancient theater, St. Virgin Perivlepta, fortress of King Samuil, , Plaoshnik. St. John Kaneo. Caffe break. Afternoon visit the monastery St. Naum, the river Black Drin and museum on water. Overnight in Ohrid.

Day 10

Town of Skopje

In the morning we are going to the capitol of Macedonia. We will start the tour with sightseeing of Skopje, the capital of Macedonia. The Old Railway Station and Museum, Memorial House of Mother Teresa born in Skopje, Macedonia Square and monuments Alexander Macedonian, Justinian Prima, Samuel King, Arch Gate, Parliament, Old Stone Bridge, Fortress Kale, church St. Spasold Bazaar, and others. Lunch in national restaurant. Continuing to monastery St. Pantelejmon. Sightseeing at the Millennium Cross. Overnight in Skopje.

Day 11

Town of Prishtina

Prishtina the capitol of Republik of Kosovo. Famous with the biggest rimocatholic church at the Balkan.- The cathedral of Mother Theresa.

Continuing to Skopje.

Overnight in Skopje.

Day 12

Town of Sofia

Sofia- the capitol of Bulgaria is the second oldest city in Europe. Human habitation has been recorded since 7000 years BC. Today is the 13 biggest city in Europe and home to most major Bulgarian and international companies operating in the country.

Overnight in Sofia.

Day 13

Town of Bucharest

Bucharest – the capitol of Romania also the largest city. Bucharest earned the nickname of 'Paris of the East'  because of his elegant architecture.

We will visit the Palace of the ParliamentRomanian AthenaeumCalea VictorieiOld TownDowntown Bucharest fountains. Overnight in Bucharest.

Day 14

Town of Belgrade

Belgrade also known as a White City is the capital and largest city of Serbia. It is located on the both sites of the Danube  and Sava rivers. Today like a main city is the seat of the central government, ministries, administrative bodies, big companies. The city have very good location, very big history, a lot of amenities to see and also many bars, restaurants with nice night life. Overnight in Belgarde.

Departure from Belgrade.