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Ohrid Lake Voyage

Ohrid Lake Voyage



We start our visit to Ohrid with a voyage to Ohrid Lake. Within excess of 200 endemic species and a one of a kind amphibian environment of overall significance, Ohrid Lake rides the uneven fringe between the southwestern piece of Macedonia and eastern Albania. One of Europe's most profound and most established lakes.

Macedonia's side of Lake Ohrid was Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1979, with the site being reached out to likewise incorporate the social and noteworthy region of Ohrid in 1980. In 2010, NASA named one of Titan's lakes after it. In 2014, the Ohrid-Prespa Transboundary Reserve among Albania and Macedonia was added to UNESCO's World Network of Biosphere Reserves. Albania's side of Lake Ohrid was additionally assigned UNESCO world legacy status in 2019.

In Albania, the coastal portion of the lake holds Managed Nature Reserve status. In Macedonia, a segment of the lakeside is important for the Galičica National Park

We have arranged for you a wine degustation of Macedonian wines and Macedonian national food. The time will be loaded up with Macedonian fables and music. You can appreciate the Macedonian folk costumes, musical instruments, and dance.
The welcome will be with bread and salt, Macedonian conventional welcome.
The voyage can be every day or at night by decision.

Review on Macedonian folk costumes,
Music instruments presentation,
Macedonian Wine degustation.

What's more, the best is for last, Macedonian old stories hit the dance floor with Macedonian music and tasting on Macedonian national food.

*The program keeps going for around 3 or 4 hours.
*Minimum 50 visitors
*Maximum 100 visitors.

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