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The best Macedonian village beauty

Beautiful towns and villages in North Macedonia


Ohrid, Debar, Lazaropole, Gari, Jance, Mavrovo and Skopje

08.00 Departure from Ohrid

Travelling via canyons of river Crn Drim and Debar lake.
09.00 Visit the women Monastery St. George in village Rajcica
09.30 Continuing to the village Gari.
10.00 Gari-30 min coffee or teа break.
10.30 Hiking Gari
12.00 Lunch
13.00 Continuing to village Lazaropole
13.20 Short village sightseeing
14.00 Travelling to the Monastery St. Jovan Bigorski
14.40 Monastery St. Jovan Bigorski
15.10 Continuing to village Jance
16.00 Accommodation in hotel Tuto or hotel in Mavrovo.
18.30 Macedonian National Dinner.



Jance, Mavrovo, Galicnik, Ski center Popova Sapka and Skopje

08.00 Departing from Jance / Mavrovo

09.15 Mavrovo-National park Mavrovo , ski center Mavrovo ,c . Sveti Nikola and the cave ,,Meckina dupka,,
10.15 Mavrovo- Village Galicnik (famous for Galicnik wedding)

-Visit sheepfold near Galicnik
-Cheese taste and milk
-Hiking from the sheepfold to village Galicnik
12.00 Galicnik sightseeing
12.30 Lunch on the Galicnik or Mavrovo lake.
13.10 Mavrovo lake -Ski center Popova sapka
14.30 Ski centre Popova Sapka (popular ski centre with special puder snow for extreme skiing)
16.30 Continuing to Skopje
18.00 Skopje

Accommodation in hotel
19.30 Dinner



09.00 -11.00 Skopje sightseeing
11.00 River Treska and Canyon Matka
11.30 Kayaking and SPA on the canyon Matka, visit,,Vrelo,, cave.
*Second option- hiking from Canyon Matka to King Marko town.
14.30 Lunch.
16.00 Back in the hotel.

Our proposal:
19.00 Dinner in a village setting, in the Monastery St. Arhangel Mihail.


Skopje and Demir Kapija

08.00 Skopje-Demir Kapija
09.00 Stobi -Archaeological site, ancient city
09.30 Continue to Demir Kapija, the wine region.
10.00 Hiking from Demir Kapija to river Dosnica
12.00 Visiting the family which will show us how they are making Macedonian rakija (brandy)
13.00 Hiking to the winery,, Popova kula ,,
13.20 Wine and food degustation.
15.20 Visiting the Wine Museum and King Karadzorze winery,, Vila Maria”
16.00 Continuing to Skopje

In Demir Kapija we can organize rock climbing
In Demir Kapija we can organize a biking tour
In Demir Kapija we can organize a jeep safari
In Demir Kapija we can organize kayaking on the river Vardar.

End of the program.

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