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The taste of the Macedonian wine

Wine regions with wine tasting


Skopje - Kavadarci region - Tikves Winery, Stobi winery, Villa Maria winery, Popova Kula winery

After a one hour driving along the River Vardar this magnificent Wine tour will take us Tikves Wine region, which is Macedonia biggest and oldest wine region.Ever since the times of the Roman Empire it is written that Macedonia creates a tradition of producing wonderfully powerful wines with fragrance in the south, the flavor of the song and a smile from the Macedonians. The winery “Tikves” is one of the most important creators of that tradition. Here, more than 125 years, the sky, earth, the sun, each with its own share in the creation, become part of the story about Tikves Winery. This winery from Macedonia has been producing top wines since 1885.

Departure to Stoby Winery which is located near by the ancient city of Stobi only few hours bus tour along the river Vardar from Skopje. It is a modern winery in Republic of Macedonia where the latest technological advancements in wine production are incorporated. The additional oenological innovation will create wines with unique character and flavor. The wine production of winery Stobi is solely based on the grapes from their own vineyards, following the latest standards set by the European Union, as well as the permanent organic protection of the grapes and strict control by top Macedonian oenologist.
On this winery tour to Stobi winery will be guided by their wine expert guides who will show us the winery while tasting their finest wines and appetizers, including an assortment of traditional Macedonian cheese and smoked meat.
From here the winery tour continues to the ancient city of Stobi, a magnificent archeological site from the time of the Roman Empire.

Dinner and overnight in Negotino.


Demir Kapija region

Breakfast. 9:00 pm.
On the fourth day of this great winery tour we will take you to town of Demir Kapija and the wineries in this beautiful wine district. We shall visit: the Wine Museum, Royal winery Villa Maria.
which belonged to King Aleksander Karadjorjevic of Yugoslavia and his royal family. Few years ago the Royal winery was completely reconstructed and now days is one of the most popular winery in Macedonia. You should know that this was the first winery on the Balkans.

Walking tour in the vineyards from winary Villa Maria to Demir Kapija.
Lunch. and tasting vines at Popova Kula Winery.

King Aleksander Karadjordjevic had a kingdom that stretched across present day Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Slovenia, including the Adriatic coast and Pannonian Valley. He had vast possibilities to choose from for the location of his vineyard. However, following the advice of trusted consultants King Aleksander chose wisely and planted his first vines in the micro region of Demir Kapija on exactly the same location where vinary Popova Kula have their vineyards today.

In the price are included transfers, accommodation with breakfast, accommodation and food for the driver, wine degustation in Tikves winery, lunch and wine degustation in Stobi winery, wine degustation in Royal winery Villa Maria, lunch and wine degustation in Popova Kula Winery, tickets for ancient city of Stobi and Wine Museum.

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