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Village Hiking

Explore villages by trekking adventure


Western Macedonian Vilages

Departure from Skopje.

Visit to the village of Gary (one of the 10 most beautiful villages in Macedonia). This village is part of the municipality of Debar, located in western Macedonia, about nine kilometers south of Lazaropole, 20.5 kilometers southeast of Debar and 50 kilometers south of Mavrovo in the mountain massif Bistra. This village is one of the most picturesque and culturally important villages located in the Bistra massif, such as Galichnik, Jance, Lazaropole, Kicinica and Tresonche.

Gary is one of the Mijak villages located in the Mijacija area (Radika River area). The Mijaks are known for their skills, wood carving, architecture, animal husbandry and icon painting. The village is also very close to the Elenski Skok Bridge which stretches across the river Radika. In Gary Village, we have time for a coffee or tea break and relax in the beautiful nature.

After the break, we head to the village of Lazaropole. The village of Lazaropole is located on the plateau near the mountain Bistra and is surrounded by beech and oak forest at 1,350 m above sea level, it is one of the highest settlements in the country.

The village is named after a local medieval hero, Lazarus, who according to legend was the only survivor of Turkish attacks on his village. The rest of the townspeople were killed in a cave where they sought refuge, while Lazarus, the only survivor, went out and built a new city. There are about 400 houses in the village. The older ones reveal traces of the Mijaci plateau building style. The village is the birthplace of numerous authors, educators, carvers, teachers, painters and icon painters.
In front of us is an interesting walking tour to the top of Sokolec.
After the mountaineering tour, we are again in Gary or Lazaropole for a Macedonian national lunch.

Then we will visit the river Mala Reka with our only bridge Elenski Skok named after the local legend.
After that, we will visit some of the oldest villages in the region, and a short stop to the village of Jance.

After a whole day of adventure and very clean air in our lungs, we return to Skopje.

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